Tips and Tricks of Dealers in the Car Buying process

Tips and Tricks of Dealers in the Car Buying process

Car dealers focus on making maximum sales and additionally they add more interest rates and other add-ons in the longer duration of loans which increases the cost of new car and truck.

Too much knowledge is dangerous, less knowledge is like planning your own murder. Let’s have a look at the tricks which are used by the dealer in order to trap the consumers.

Taking advantage of consumer’s lesser knowledge

The salesperson is trained in a way that they can lure the buyer and make them buy the product which they are eyeing for. They love the buyers who don’t know even a single thing about the car as the negotiation of the car goes smoothly as a consumer you don’t possess the knowledge to begin the negotiation.

Remember always do your homework and gain the knowledge in order to make the transaction.

Monthly Payments

There are chances when salesperson tends to ask the buyer about their monthly payment in terms of how much they can afford. They will provide you the cars which are out of your budget and also increase your monthly payments. The salesperson doesn’t earn more on the selling so they provide the financing option which will increase your expenses in the loan amount.

Increasing the finance charges

The finance manager will look for the best deal on the loan but never provide you the lowest one. He will always tell you the interest rate with more hike, the extra money will be shared by middlemen and another amount will be given to the dealer.

Drawing your attention towards obtaining the lease

Leasing a vehicle is the worst option that you can encounter as it never takes you anywhere. In the end, you are left there from where you started off, you will be paying monthly payments but not owing up anything all your hard-earned income is going into the trash.

Misleading Pay-off promises

Heard the auto refinancing word? The loan of the new car will be settled with your current car loan. The salesperson will tell you things like “we will pay off the loan”, you should not worry about the same.

There are chances they will increase the finance charges, less amount on trade-in values.